Translation of Deeds and Certificates

When the translation needs to be certified by a translator registered with a consular authority, we can help you. We also provide a full notarised service.

Certifications are usually required for the translation of:

  • Articles and Memorandums of incorporation and other company documents
  • Divorce and family proceedings
  • Succession documents
  • Birth and Death certificates
  • Bids and Tender documents
  • Property transactions (deeds and searches)
  • Powers of attorney

Our experienced team of lawyer linguists with both common law and civil law backgrounds are happy to help you through the technicalities. Our lawyer linguists are registered with and certified by various consular authorities.

Some juristictions require the translator to be registered with a court (i.e. the Landesgericht in Germany) or require the linguist to have the tranlsation stamped by a court official (as for the “asseverazione” in Italy).

Many of us are members of the ITI (Institute for Translation and Interpreting)

Thank you for the very professional handling of this urgent translation and certification request. I was not aware that same day deliveries were an option for legal translation services.
Private Client

Translation of Probate Documents