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We offer remote interpreting as

  • scheduled simultaneous video service on ZoomTM platform, billed by the hour
  • on-demand consecutive telephone interpreting for high-volume subscription models plus cost per minute of conversation

Remote interpreting is a flexible and effective way to secure an easy and correct communication between two speakers of different languages, where duration, urgency or cost do not justify the hiring of a conference or on-site interpreter.

Remote video-interpreting on Zoom is very simple. With no change to your usual consumption of the product. We will send you the meeting link and all you need is log into the meeting.

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I had to discuss my position with a foreign solicitor, and by using the telephone interpreting service I was able to prepare the initial meeting without having to fly back and forth. The interpreter did a great job.
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How does telephone interpreting work? Telephone Interpreting uses a simple process designed to get you connected to an interpreter as soon as possible. The system has been specifically developed to be both secure and easy to use. It uses interpreters who are fully qualified, confidential and experts in their language. Most often, telephone interpreting is performed in the consecutive mode. This means that the interpreter listens to each utterance first and then proceeds to render it into the other language, as opposed to speaking and listening simultaneously There are 3 simple steps to get connected
  1   Dial the number   Enter the telephone number provided If the number you are dialling from is not recognised you will be asked for your 6 digit access code (PIN)
  2   Enter your PIN You will be advised if correct & accepted, or asked to reinput the PIN If OK, you will be asked what language you want
3 Select your language Enter the 3 digit code for the language It is confirmed back to you
You will then be connected to an interpreter
At the end of the month you will be invoiced by the minute. Your bill will be itemised;
  • By date of call
  • By duration of call
  • By interpreter/language

Before you dial please make sure you have your PIN number to hand and the language code

  1. If you miss-enter the PIN or the system does not recognise the PIN, don’t worry, the system will ask for it If you have lost your PIN, please ring for assistance on 02033842458
  2. You have 3 opportunities to enter the PIN, once the PIN has been accepted you will move to the next step
  3. If you cannot remember the language code please contact us at 02033842458 or consult the relevant document.
  4. If for any reason you cannot be connected to an interpreter, the call will be routed to our offices where we can deal with the problem, or if out of hours, you will be able to leave a message.
Some simple tips to use your time more effectively and reduce your interpreting costs:
  1 When you are first connected with the Interpreter, briefly let them know who you are and why you need them. Ask the interpreter to introduce you and themselves to your client and give the interpreter the first question or statement. For example, “Hi, I’m a solicitor instructed by my client to finalise a contract, and I have a few issues to double check.” Give the interpreter time to interpret between you and your client.
2 Let the Interpreter know if you are using a speakerphone and that both of you can hear the Interpreter at the same time (this will alert the Interpreter that there is no time delay needed as if you were handing a single handset phone back and forth between you).
  3 If there are other people (such as family or collegues) in the room ask them not to speak unless they are directly addressed (as random voices will make the Interpreter’s job more difficult and will elongate the call which will thus make it more expensive). You may have to have the Interpreter repeat this request in the family’s language.
  4 Always talk to the person who is to be interpreted in the first person, i.e. “Mr. Green, could you please explain the point better” and never ask an Interpreter to ask the person a question such as, “Interpreter, please ask Mr. Green to explain the point he mentioned.” This will make for a smoother conversation that flows more easily and also shortens the call -which helps save money.
5 The Interpreter will never add or delete anything and will not express opinions or advice – they are simply an extension of your voice. If the person says they don’t understand – that’s what the Interpreter will tell you.
6 If there are other procedures you need to go through during the course of a conversation with an Interpreter e.g. papers to find and analyse before the conversation can go any further, please hang up and ringback in when you are ready to converse with that person again.
7 Let your client and the interpreter know when you have finished
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