Legalisation Service

To get a document legalised means that the signature, seal or stamp made by a UK public official is confirmed as genuine by the UK government. Documents signed by Notaries Public for use in Italy must be legalised by the Legalisation Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office”.

Following documents can be legalised:

  •    ACRO Police Certificate
  •    Affidavit
  •    Articles of association
  •    Bank statement
  •    Baptism certificate
  •    Birth certificate
  •    Certificate of incorporation
  •    Certificate of freesale
  •    Certificate of memorandum
  •    Certificate of naturalisation
  •    Certificate of no impediment
  •    Chamber of Commerce document
  •    Change of name deed
  •    Civil partnership certificate
  •    Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) document
  •    Criminal records check
  •    Companies House document
  •    County court document
  •    Court document
  •    Court of Bankruptcy document
  •    Death certificate
  •    Decree nisi
  •    Decree absolute
  •    Degree certificate (UK)
  •    Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) document
  •    Department of Health document
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Requesting translation, notarisation and legalisation of notarised document